Area's 2nd worst flood hits December 21, 2012

Downe Township suffered its second worst flood last Friday, December 21, 2012. Damages in some locations exceeded those caused by hurricane Sandy and the April 15, 2012 flood that was the highest-ever flood water level.

This flood was more destructive due to high winds that caused the water to flow at a faster pace. Like the prior flood, this event caught residents by surprise including Money Island Marina manager Bruce Muenker who spent most of the night awake and prepared to evacuate. The faster moving waters swept away almost everything that was not anchored. Other residents reported that some of the post-Sandy cleanup work was destroyed and two residents lost lumber that was intended for post-storm rebuilding. Some residents lost their cars because they had not anticipated this flood. Gandy' Beach had damages reported to be excess of $500,000. Yet nearby Money Island had minimal damage; the marina estimated that its financial losses due to this flood were likely less than $10,000 and other residents reported losses totaling less than $50,000. Township officials and maintenance crew worked throughout the weekend clearing roadways. High winds kept most residents from attempting cleanup on Saturday. A work crew of local Money Island residents spent most of the day Sunday cleaning up sand and debris from the roads after winds subsided by mid-morning. Fortescue was heavily flooded but estimates and cleanup report was not available for this article.

The impact of this flood following so closely behind Sandy was unnerving to some residents who are still considering whether to remain to battle the increasingly hostile bay shore climate.