Downe Township Resource Directory

First draft published October 2013

The purpose of this directory is to assemble resources that have been useful to Downe Township residents who are trying to rebuild after Sandy or simply get to a point of long term sustainability. The idea for the directory came from the spring 2013 Money Island community meeting as reported on Suggestions, comments and inclusions are welcome.

To include references in this directory, please call Tony Novak at (856) 649-4171 or write

Land use, rebuilding and development

Revised state land use regulations, Coastal Permit Program rules and Coastal Zone Management rules adapted in March and published in May 2013. This copy of the document is annotated specifically for the provisions estimated to be most specifically applicable to Downe communities. The permit by rule for exansion of a residential footprint is on page 20. Dock rules are on page 22. Pages 56-60 contain provisions that finally might make it possible for local small businesses to enter the aquaculture field. As with any new law or regulation, the details have not been tested and unanswered questions remain. Page 206 contains the living shoreline rules and pafge 214 contains the dune restoration provisions that made possible the revitalization of BaySave Corporation projects.

Attorney Terrence Bennett of Port Elizabeth represents several Downe Township residents in land use issues. Tel. (856) 825-4993.

Paul Behrens of English Septic is well-versed in local sewer/septic issues. Tel. (856) 358-4771 ext. 104

Engineer Larry Clock may be able to provide the drawings required for zoning and permit applications. Tel. (856) 451-1084